What Is Plyometric Cardio Circuits?

plyometric cardio circuit training program

The #1 Plyometric Cardio Circuit Program

Plyometric Cardio Circuit  training has been around since the early 1950s.

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Since that time it has been studied extensively to determine its effectiveness for purposes ranging from military training to Olympic games preparation.

The results have been a raving success!

Plyometrics is another training method that was popularized among high performance athletes in the 1980s.

In the mid 70s, Fred Wilt, an American runner and coach first observed various plyometric exercise techniques being used by Soviet Olympic athletes in their warm-ups.

Fred was convinced that plyometric exercises were the secret to their success. He collaborated with coach, Michael Yessis to popularize these interval training with coaches in the US.

3 Reasons Why This Training Still Works!

Circuit training has been shown to be the most effective method for achieving most fitness goals. Circuit training utilizes three basic techniques to reach these goals.

  1. First, circuit training encourages individuals to maintain a moderately high intensity for a sustained period of time in order to improve cardiovascular function.
  2. Second, the exercises isolate a number of different muscle groups in quick succession to promote muscular endurance.
  3. Third, the program constantly varies the individual exercises, their order, speed, resistance, and number of repetitions to continually overload the muscles and help maintain motivation through variety.

Incorporating plyometrics into the cardio training routine is one way to maintain variety and has some additional benefits. Plyometrics in its basic form is jumping, but it can include any form of explosive muscular contraction.

The myotatic or stretch reflex, the same one your doctor uses to make your leg jerk by taping your knee, is responsible for recruiting muscle fibers to contract.

The more the stretch, the more muscle fibers are recruited.

Why is This Important?

Engaging more muscle fibers in each exercise increases their effectiveness and has been shown to increase muscle size. Plyometrics also stimulate increased vascularization bringing more blood to the muscle tissues.

Studies have also shown an increase in glycogen storage in the muscle, the fast burning fuel used by the muscles. All these adaptations result in the improved results that have been shown using interval training.

These cardio circuits closely mimic the movements found in many sports and have been shown to be particularly effective in sport specific training. For more general fitness programs plyometric exercises also help improve both speed and power.

Should You Try It?

I highly recommend giving it a shot.

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Because combining several jumping type exercises in a  cardio circuit format is a great way to vary the workout, overload the muscles and maintain the optimal intensity to encourage the aerobic metabolism of energy stored as fat.

Together with the benefits of using a plyometric cardio circuit, there are some dangers. In individuals that do not possess sufficiently high levels of strength or fitness there can be a possibility of injury.

There is a wide array of interval exercises available and most experienced trainers will be able to recommend exercises to include in your routine. However, some cardio circuits subject the muscles to nearly 7 times the weight that they are normally required to handle.

This is great. But keep in mind.

With any exercise program. You need to consult with a professional trainer.

They can assess your level of fitness and recommend the exercises that are right for you.

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